BITE Consulting Services participates in the festival as a p

Azerbaijan will participate in the Festival of Professions 2022 as an organizational support party in BITE Consulting Services. The meeting of the Professions Festival organized by the State Employment Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan will start on May 15 this year and will be organized in 10 different cities of Azerbaijan. The Professions Festival is a project that raises awareness about the right career choices, as well as provides participants with the opportunity to visually check information about professions. People of all ages can participate in the festival and get information about relevant professions. In addition to BITE Consulting Services, Kontakt Home, McDonald's, Badamli and other companies are cooperating and playing the role of organizational support in this project to be held. The main goal of the project is to support people in choosing a profession and specialty by conducting awareness-raising activities on 10 professions in 10 regions of Azerbaijan and getting acquainted with the relevant professions.

Festival 15 May 2022 in Shamaxi, 17 May 2022 in Sumgayit, 19 May 2022 Lankaran, 21 May 2022 Shirvan, 23 May 2022 Baku, 25 May 2022 Shaki, 27 May 2022 Mingachevir, 30 May 2022 Barda, 1 June 2022 Ganja and 2 June 2022 in Gazakh will hold the bass.