COVID in Poland

The fight against COVID pandemic has been going on all over the world since 2019. By all means, all private and public institutions in Poland have joined the fight against COVID with great initiative. However, in recent days, Poland has risen to the level of Level 3 in re-infections and among high-risk countries. This means that the average incidence of infection exceeds 15K. Worldwide, 650 million people have been infected and 6.22 million people have lost their lives to COVID. In Poland, a total of more than 6 million people were infected, of which 117K lost their lives. Despite the fact that we have taken strict and strict measures, the pandemic has had an impact on both our business and other areas. The most important impact is on education. However, the students have only studied online this year, and it is not clear how long this situation will continue. In very few cases, students are advised to go to university. In recent days, more than 4 million people have entered Poland as a result of the war between Ukraine and Russia, and it is questionable whether they did not pass a health test at the time of entry.

Pfizer vaccine is currently used in Poland, but the increase shows that a lot needs to be done. It should be noted that the Polish office of BITE Consulting Services continues to work remotely. This means that many companies in Poland, such as BITE Consulting Services, do not fully recommend their employees. What to do in this case: As a company, first of all, taking into account the situation in Poland, we ask our employees to use a medical mask while working indoors and to perform hygienic purposes. Our company's game, entertainment and dining rooms are kept closed. In addition, it is recommended that employees work either on a rotating basis or remotely. All meetings that need to be held and meetings appointed by other companies are either canceled or performed online. This means that all processes are carried out remotely. In addition, by increasing the value of medical insurance provided to our employees, all the costs of vaccinating them and checking them regularly are covered. It should be noted that all of these measures are carried out only in the Polish office, as the state of emergency is currently in Poland.