BITE Consulting Services and F-Secure

Our company has been actively working on innovation in the education system for a long time, which is currently actively working and used by several universities. Our company has taken a new step with F-Secure to upgrade the system and make a more reliable impact for security purposes. Our partnership with F-Secure coincides with 2017. At present, our company continues to work with F-Secure on the European and Central Asian markets. F-Secure is also known as a Finland's well-known and popular cybersecurity and system security protector. Currently, new research is being conducted in collaboration with the Aalto University School of Science and Technology of Finland. The BITE Education System, which is under the auspices of the universities, has been improved and started working on "Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR)", thinking that it is important to meet the GDP hardships. Currently, new opportunities being introduced for universities in the updated security platform, as F-Secure is called With Secure. Given that the BITE Education System currently provides services to universities outside the country, the innovative step taken is to make the system safer.he applied innovation leads to the escalation of potential threats, the investigation and prevention of interference, the reduction and management of safety risks. At the same time, it will provide a wide range of coverage and allow you to respond in real time. It is even thought that in the future the university will be organized and taught in this regard. At present, classes are being held at Cardiff University, where we work. It is expected that these courses will also be needed at the end of Polish universities. We believe that it is not a single system application and that it will open up wider possibilities to know the functionality of the system. The first stage is planned to be considered by Poland's leading PWR University. It will also allow IT students to learn in the Data Privacy application, which is now available as a service. At present, given that these services are provided at a high price in the Polish market, it can be said that local companies and universities provide these services from foreign markets.