The first award of 2022

Our company has already received the first award in 2022 from the prestigious Polish organization "MasterSoft". In addition, BITE Consulting Services was selected as the best soft technology company among Polish companies. For a long time now, our company has been providing software to its customers in various fields. At present, in addition to Poland, our company provides soft services to many companies abroad and continues to operate. At the same time, as a Polish company, it is included in the list of companies that have employees in foreign markets and are taxpayers. At present, our company has more than 100 employees in foreign markets, which is a successful result for the company, which has been operating in the field of information technology for 5 years. Before that, our company was included in the list of young companies included in the top 10 by the American Industry Era company and was awarded. At the same time, in 2021 it was ranked among the most prestigious companies in Poland. The continuation of this trend, as well as being recognized as a Polish company in the local and foreign markets, also shows that we are developing. We can note that our company is one of the only Polish companies investing in Central Asia and the Pacific region and launching a new brand.

BITE Consulting Services has already been included in the list of companies that have invested abroad and made a profit under this agreement. According to statistics, being in the top 10 among more than 1,000 IT companies in Wroclaw, Poland's IT city, already gives hope for sustainable development. At present, our company has taken a new step and joined the competition according to the success of the projects, which is held in the UK. We believe that our company will take new steps this year.