What is happening in Ukraine

As BITE Consulting Services, we would like to say that we are very disappointed with the war that started in the Republic of Ukraine in our consulate. From the ongoing war, it can be said that Ukrainian companies have stopped all their activities and the economic crisis has begun. There have been interruptions in the operation of banking and other services. As a result of the fight between Russia and Ukraine, it has a stake in European and American companies that work closely with companies from both countries. Thus, it is assumed that the signed agreements and understandings will remain in the position of monitoring. At the same time, we are deeply saddened by the military operations against civilians in Ukraine. We have already stated that we are ready to provide humanitarian aid in the 21st century in the year of technology, in response to such a situation and at the same time the suffering of the innocent people in this war. We hope and believe that by being able to live together in peace and security, we will be able to make the beginning of a new history in the history of mankind. Ukraine wishes patience to our employees and wishes them to be strong.