The COVID virus, which has been spreading all over the world since 2019, continues in Poland. It is possible to see certain restrictions and companies that work online. Helede has masculinity from the mask and restrictions on access to diaper areas. Poland is currently ranked 15th in terms of total infection. There were 5,708,827 total infections. 112K thousand of them died. Worldwide, this figure was 440MLN and 5.97MLN. Despite these provinces, there have been restrictions in a number of areas, but the European economy and the Polish economy have also been able to maintain their balanced growth and make some progress in the health sector. In Poland, for example, more than 80% of the population has been vaccinated and is looking for vaccinations. During this time, our company has shown little support for Polish health. It has been providing financial assistance to the state budget since the first days of the pandemic. At the same time, given that our company has local offices in Azerbaijan and the UAE, we monitored the health of those companies in those countries, which are important for us. Currently in Azerbaijan: 77,879 total infections, 935 cases.

Allegations have already begun in Azerbaijan. GLEX, which is owned by our company, has extended a helping hand to the health of the country where it is located during the pandemic. In the UAE, these figures are slightly higher than in Azerbaijan. A total of 881K infections and 2,301 deaths have been reported so far. In the UAE, however, the softening is not the same as in Poland and Azerbaijan. On the other hand, in order to enter the Republic of Poland, a member of the European Union, employees working in Azerbaijan and the UAE must obtain a special visa, pass the COVID test and be vaccinated. We hope that this year, in 2022, we will be able to meet more comfortably with all our employees and expand the number of our events.