New Goals for education system in 2022

Our company has already launched new projects in the new city. In the higher version of the system education management system, which is planned to be introduced in the new province, our company has sent the application form to the Polish Ministry of Education. We know that our company has taken innovative steps in the field of education for some time and at the same time cooperates with many universities. Among them is PWR University in Poland. At the same time, as a result of cooperation with other European universities, this system has become useful not only for universities, but also for colleges and schools. The new system will now have several new features, one of which will be available online in a series of visual lessons on a system. Students who will have a new system will be able to study remotely on a system without the use of any other program. Although there is a lot of competition from the world market in this field, we know that there are few programs in the field of education that can perform two functions on one system.

We are trying to analyze and reveal new opportunities to step on this path in more detail. All these steps will be aimed at increasing the use of local products for universities in Poland, and at the same time will improve the quality of education. During the pandemic, which is still going on, foreign students were studying and using various programs put forward by universities. Local products no longer need them and will be a feature for local universities.