New partnership with Lenovo

BITEPOS has been able to show itself in the domestic and foreign markets for many years. El Exsus joined the list after negotiations with IBM and conversations over POS licenses. Many companies from the UAE, as well as companies from the Polish and European markets, are currently cooperating with our company on POS helmets, and our products can show themselves at a high level in foreign markets. Currently, our POS helms are integrated into the Polish Ministry of Taxes and play a role in the safe submission of all tax returns electronically by all entrepreneurs in Poland. In Poland, one of the largest companies in the field we cooperate with is Posnet. We are cooperating with 4Soft in Germany in the same field. After all this cooperation, the cooperation with Lenovo is over. Our POS helmets will now be able to work on Lenovo products and will be easy to use.

Although we work with a number of companies on hardware, we have a policy that we are open to working with new companies. Beata Marek, a GDPR expert, said that any company that owns a GDPR should be open to having its products on a larger platform while protecting the rights and privacy of the company it works for, and that the company it operates uses outside European and American markets. The BITE Consulting Services network has been involved in the GDPR policy since day one and continues to operate on this policy with every company it cooperates with.

For more information about our GDPR policy, please visit the link: https://bite-cs.com/privacy-policy