What we done during 2021

We have already reached the end in 2021 and we have completed all our goals. We are sure that we will start with new hopes in the new province. We would like to express our gratitude to all our employees and companies that believe in us. So what has our company achieved in 2021? First of all, our biggest success was that our company was selected among the most prestigious companies in Poland. The reason for this is that as a young company outside the Polish market, we have become a company that can provide the most services. At the same time, new partnerships have been established and we have established trusted partnerships in the foreign markets we have entered. We have joined public and private projects. We were able to increase the number of our employees, and at the same time we got taller. We have already decided to sell a long-term license with IBM.

We have invested in the Azerbaijani market for a new partnership with Amazon. Thanks to our technological investments in the UAE market, we have become one of the 10 cooperating companies. As a guest of Wroclaw Expat in Wroclaw, where our head office is located, we talked about our activities. We have presented our products in cooperation with Posnet, Connect Distribution and BRG Solution, one of the largest companies in Poland. At the same time, we joined environmental projects and were able to help the Polish economy. At the same time, in 2021, we continued to fight pandemic. At this time, we have taken all measures in every sense of the word, emphasizing the responsibility of our views and actions, even if we are online or part-time. No matter how difficult the year 2021 is, we say # together2022 to sign new principles and successes in the hope that the new year will be better.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas Poland and all over the world.