PMA Focus 2020 (14 October 2020)

The pma focus is the largest project management congress in Austria and takes place every October in Vienna. Current topics, speakers from research and practice, workshops with qualified trainers and the largest project management fair in Austria distinguish pma focus as the leading national event for project managers. On 14th October 2020 the pma focus will take place under the title BACK TO THE ROOTS: project management - proven.current.successful. The call for a reorientation of project management can be heard in many places. It is often forgotten what makes project management timeless, what lasting treasures it can provide us with, especially in unpredictable, technologically determined times.

Experts from a wide range of disciplines and with a new perspective on the classic core competencies of project management will therefore reveal a multitude of resources that will enable project managers to continue finding innovative solutions even in challenging contexts. To get more information read more.

At pma focus 2020 you will learn why traditional values and PM core competencies are more important than ever and why they will continue to be the ideal breeding ground for success and growth in the future.

Application Deadline: 9 October 2020