IPMA Research Conference Projects as arena for self-organizing (10-11 September 2020)

In 2013, IPMA has successfully launched the first IPMA Research Conference in Berlin together with the German Project Management Association, who experienced a familiar format already since 2008. About fifty practitioners, researchers and experts attended the first research conference, discussing the topic “Theory meets Practice in Projects”. A distinctive feature of the IPMA Research Conferences has ever since been an intensive exchange between theory and practice, which can be found neither at scientific nor professional conferences. Practitioners were encouraged to share their experiences in practice and share their requirements to researchers, who in return shared their knowledge of theoretical foundations in managing projects in various contexts.

The theme of the 8th IPMA Research Conference, “Projects as arena for self-organizing” addresses the increasing interest in the subject of self-organizing in and through projects. Agile approaches build on or value the willingness and the capabilities of individuals and teams to self-organize in projects. Projects are seen as the arena for self-organizing. It is often argued that millennials are increasingly interested in work autonomy and self-organizing through projects to fulfill their expectations in the workspace. To get more information read more: https://www.ipma.world/assets/RC08_Berlin_invitation_prev.pdf

Join us at the IPMA Research Award Gala at the 8th IPMA Research Conference in Berlin, 10 September 2020 and celebrate your project management success!

Application Deadline: 8 May 2020