BITE MEETING is for organizing great business environment and support with the information about newest technologies. It is a non profit organization. Whoever is member of our exhibition they get more keys about our international meeting.



We do accept all application from companies or privately to join our exhibitions and participate. It is good chance for companies to meet and get information about new industries. BITE MEETING have an impressive overall outreach because they are open to everyone and thereby allow members of society to gain an understanding of social factors that influence their health. Whether it’s new knowledge about your product, business skills you need to develop, or innovative marketing techniques, you are bound to come away feeling more informed and better equipped to deal with the daily challenges of running your business. Events such as small business conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops offer opportunities to escape the bubble and connect with like-minded business people, many of whom are dealing with the exact same challenges and are eager to share their experiences. Attending BITE MEETING business conference or trade show as a vendor allows you direct access to market your products and services to ideal potential clients.


You are able to share experience and resume for getting new opportunities. It is possible to get full-time, part-time and internship program during our meeting. We do build great chances for new startups’ to change and correct their business problems and mistakes. Our conferences, exhibitions and meetings are great opportunities to share ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. All of our professional members and start-up participants gets advantage of the opportunity to conduct business globally. You can connect with new local and international start-up companies for new projects. Our Silver partners able to use the Universities List to find new talent and work with them B2B for future development. Presenting at an event as a guest speaker can establish you as a thought leader in your niche, position you as an expert, increase your personal profile, raise awareness of your brand, and boost your reputation within your industry.


BITE MEETING invite the international organization to support and become member of our international exhibition/meeting for developing global business economy in different industries. Our Partnership Program open for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. You will join our professional partner program which give opportunities to develop your thinking and the profession. You will be able to create an environment where to share knowledge, skills and experience for all projects. Your company can use JOBS BOARD, GLOBAL PROJECTS and UNIVERSITIES LIST providing opportunities to collaborate with other professional organizations. You cam become Platinum, Gold ad Silver partner of BITE MEETIG. At the same time, able to get discount for conferences and training. BITE MEETING organizing the international meetings in different locations which is include: Europe, Middle East, Central Asia & Pacific and America. Our partner network program helps all of us to find right partners and demands of the market.