Development of IT infrastructure in Central Asia and the Cau

Reports from Azerbaijan’s capital - Baku office, located in Central Asia and the Caucasus region, shows that from the first days of opening the Baku office until now, that due to the works we have done, the projects we have implemented and the cooperation we have established, helped BITE to develop its business in this region very much. Global Logistic Express (GLEX)- is a brand, that BITE Consulting Services created in recent two years, and it has already shown its results in Azerbaijan. All the investments made from the first days of opening of our office in Baku until 2020 and the steps taken towards development increase our confidence in the region where we work. Karabakh war that started recently in the Caucasus region, has no effect on our investments and brands in Azerbaijan. Due to the latest results, we can say that opening an office of BITE Consulting Services in Central Asia / Caucasus region was a very smart and important choice. As a BITE Consulting Services Poland, our office in Azerbaijan continues to operate as fully as before, and we are proud to have a share in a developed market with high results. We hope to work together on new local and international projects in Azerbaijan, and we believe in this with all our staff.

Finally, we would like to inform you that our office in Baku, Azerbaijan, is the head office of the Central Asia and Caucasus region. We respect the national and moral values of Azerbaijan, and at the same time, recognizing the territorial integrity, we wish Azerbaijan good luck on the roads to the future.

In the coming years, we will open new offices for various services in other regions of Azerbaijan.